Q: Which Applications Are AX Center Ideal for?

A: Due to its design with onboard AD/DA/DD right out of the box, AX Center is ideal a wide range of pro audio applications…


We packed distinguished DAD sound quality in a compact package.
Then we added monitor control and speaker processing. 

AX Center was born to sit in a rack right next to you in the studio, in your portable rig  – or maybe even on your desktop. It’s the audio interface that dreams are made of, as it unites the legendary audio quality of pristine Digital Audio Denmark AD & DA conversion with the renowned transparency and musicality of our mic preamps. 

It’s all about capturing the source truthfully and get it into any DAW you may use exactly as it is – and to get your production out exactly as you intended, envisioned and simply heard it.

  • Unmatched Sound Quality in Any Thunderbolt Audio Interface
  • Tried & Trusted PRO|MON Monitor Control from Mono to Immersive
  • SPQ Speaker Processing: 128 Channels with a Total of 1024 EQ Bands and Individual Channel Delay
  • 256 Thunderbolt & 256 Dante Channels 
  • Tailor to Fit Any Need with Expandable & Customisable I/O

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Due to its design with onboard AD/DA/DD right out of the box, AX Center is ideal a wide range of pro audio applications – not least thanks to its two expansion slots for adding even more flexible I/O options. 

AX Center is a compact studio miracle that ensures your precious audio is converted from analog to digital completely true to its natural expression, seamlessly routed and summed with utmost precision, and finally it passes through a world-class D/A stage before reaching your speakers and ultimately your ears. 

It is our goal that you can trust what you hear from capturing the source to the final round of mastering.

While this adds up to the perfect audio interface for production in Music Studios, AX Center can be configured and used for virtually any pro audio application you could ever think of.  

For instance, some music producers and recording engineers multitrack at a remote location and then brings back the stems for mixing and mastering in the studio.

So, also in the case of Location Recording, AX Center is the ideal companion in the field as well as back home in the studio. 

The I/O configuration in this scenario may be 18 analog channels with pristine DAD microphone preamps and A/D conversion.

Mastering is another obvious area for AX Center to excel. In this scenario, installing one Analogue In card and one Analogue Out card with 8 channels each would be ideal for inserting analog outboard units such as EQ’s and compressors.

Naturally, a super-clean signal chain is critically important in mastering, and using our A/D and D/A stages would ensure that you can trust every little detail you hear and every little tweak that you make.  

With Dolby Atmos immersive sound quickly becoming one of the central audio formats of the future, AX Center is ready to take on immersive projects and productions. 

And this is regardless of whether it’s for Dolby Atmos Music, streaming on e.g. Apple Music, or if it is object-based productions in post and film destined for Netflix, YouTube, TV or Cinema. 

AX Center could also find its way into meaningful applications in Live Sound. For example, recording, virtual soundcheck, inserting external effects processors, routing and much more.  

Since it offers a wealth of Dante and MADI connectivity within the same 1 RU box, it easily covers both of these commonly used live sound formats seamlessly and simultaneously if needed. Whatever the console, AX Center will adapt to fit.

AX Center can also be used in an OB truck. For instance as part of a multi-track recording setup.

Or in any other application where audio needs to be converted between formats (AD/DA/DD), routed flexibly and in general kept at the highest possible sound quality through and through. 

Ultimately, it is our goal with AX Center to give you a solution that ensures you can trust what you hear from capturing the source to your audience listens to the final production.

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