Q: How Much Latency with Thunder|Core?

A: Near-Zero Latency

The Thunder|Core interface provides a very fast Thunderbolt 3/PCIe connection and data transfer with 2 samples latency on the connection and a total of 9 samples in the digital  interface, as total also includes EQ and summing processing within the Thunder | Core-equipped unit. 

The channel capacity is up to 256 audio channels at 48 and 96 kHz, and the latency at 96kHz is 95 microseconds.

The total round-trip latency with an audio software application will depend on the buffer size set for the application. With a  buffer size of 32 samples, the latency is 670 microseconds at 96 kHz.

The Core Audio Thunder|Core driver for Apple Mac computers supports the use of Intel as well as Silicon (M1) CPU processors all the way down the highway to a buffer size of just 32 samples. 

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