Q: Can I Run Audio via Thunderbolt Over Long Distances?

A: Yes, you probably can.

Corning makes optical Thunderbolt cables that they claim to be reliable over distances of up to 50m for audio and video production:

“Our Thunderbolt™ Optical Cables provide connection flexibility and deliver high-speed data transmission at great distances over traditional copper cables. Our Thunderbolt optical cables are a great solution for noise-sensitive environments, you can separate your workspace from noisy equipment or connect to a centralized server in the machine room.”

However, please note that we have not tested the cables first hand, but since the specs are general, our assumption is that if they do work, they will also work with our Thunder | Core series of audiointerfaces (Core 256, AX 64 & AX Center).

Technical Specifications by the Manufacturer:

◼ 40 Gbps Thunderbolt 3
◼ Flippable and reversible connectors
◼ Daisy chain multiple Thunderbolt devices
◼ All-dielectric cable provides enhanced galvanic isolation
◼ Robust cable design with improved abrasion resistance
◼ All new thermal shutdown – protects internal components from long-term
exposure to elevated temperatures
◼ Supports one 5K display or two 4K displays
◼ No driver software required

Additional information by the manufacturer…

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