Production Expert’s DADman Compilation

The good people over at Production Expert – more specifically Mike Thornton – has compiled a lot of useful information about our DADman control software. 

Mike asks the relevant question of why there isn’t a dedicated manual for DADman. And as he also kind of arrives at, it is a universal software tool that comes with more or less all of our hardware such as AX Center, Core 256, AX64, AX32 and DX32R.

Therefore, the DADman ‘manuals’ are found as parts in our Install Guides for the individual products, as well as pieces of additional information e.g. on this site as well as on Avid’s site, as it is also controlling their MTRX and MTRX Studio units.

Yes, we do admit that a central manual would have been nice, and we may look into that in the future. But until then, we highly recommend bookmarking Mike’s brilliant compilation of DADman intel.

Read Mike Thornton’s DADman Compilation…

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