Post & Film Workflows

How Do Penta and DAD Products Rule in Post & Film?

With new immersive standards in mind, post and film production has become increasingly demanding in terms of channel counts and routing needs. This makes it a perfect territory for Penta to enter!  

The Penta Universe is highly modular, which allows you to unite a wealth of audio formats, including Dante / AES67, MADI, AES, SDI and Analog. And the DADman control software offers an intuitive and super-flexible UI where all of your audio routing is handled. Simply, gather, combine, sum or split any audio channel from any source and route it/them to any output. 

Further, if you add the PRO|MON license, you have access to tailoring your own full-blown monitoring system that fits your mixing stage perfectly. Plus, for tactile control, one or more MOM hardware monitor controllers can be integrated seamlessly, allowing you to focus entirely on making the content sound as good as humanly possible.

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