Introduction to the Penta 721s Series

The NTP Technology Penta 721s Series comprises three models that are additions to the ever-expanding NTP Penta universe where a range of components can easily be combined to create extremely versatile and high-quality audio routing and conversion solutions for enterprise audio, including broadcast, install and live applications.

Penta 721s is a modular unit with one expansion slot that you can equip with e.g. Dante, SDI, MADI, AES or Analog I/O, or add DSP processing for speaker correction or lip sync delay.

Penta 721-DNT comes with an additional 128-channel Dante card with SRC, making it the ideal Dante-Dante bridge, connecting independent Dante networks that may run on individual samle rates.

Penta 721-SDI comes with a dual embedder/de-embedder SDI card pre-installed, making it an obvious choice for various broadcast applications.

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