How Can I Use MOM with MTRX Studio?

MOM is the natural, tactile extension for monitor control if you use an Avid MTRX Studio.

In short, it taps into the Pro|Mon side of the DADman control software and is a sleek remote with a tiny footprint to save your precious desktop real estate.

Please note that, normally, Pro|Mon is an optional license, but it is actually included with the MTRX Studio right out of the box.

You can add multiple MOM units in case you need that kind of intuitive hands-on control in several locations, and you can even program in up to four different layers for different users or types of applications.

Finally, MOM units support PoE, which means that a single Ethernet cable handles the control data, as well as providing power for the unit.

Apart from the demonstration of integration with the front panel buttons on MTRX Studio, all other setup-related demonstrations on the MOM – and within DADman – applies to all DADman-powered products, including AX32, DX32R, Penta 720, Penta 721s Series and Avid MTRX.

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