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      Hi.Three years ago, I set up AX24 via USB to RS422 converter without hindrance. Three years later, No longer able to connect to the AX24, the driver port says No Uinit found. I thought my USB converter was broken and replaced it with a new converter and cable, prompting Uinit initializing. That said, permanently unable to link to AX24, I was frustrated and unable to change any of the AX24 Settings. Please give some guidance. Of course, I have a question to check with you first. The traditional RS422 connection is defined as PIN 1: RX+, PIN 2: RX-. But the AX24 manual is reversed, PIN 1 is RX-, PIN 2 is RX+. I made the cable exactly according to the AX24 manual, and regardless of the converter I used, the port was constantly prompted to Uinit initializing.Tkx.

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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