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      Please note this topic is related to MTRX, but as it designed by DAD, I thought this would be the right place to post this topic.

      Having had a very good experience with our first MTRX in theatrical Post Production environment, we decided to get a second one as a centerpiece for two different rooms.

      Everything went well, and having two monitor profiles on DadMan, one in each room seems to run as smooth as I expected.

      But adding an SPQ cards to this setup broke everything. Having two different monitors profiles on two different room with Eq mess up the signal flow and routing, some monitored channels from room 1 being routed to room 2, and other strange behavior.

      There might be something I am missing in the way I handle this setup, but while I’m worried that the design of the SPQ board is not intended to work with multiple room (which in my opinion would be very disappointing), I would like to know if you would have some suggestions ?

      For the moment, we load DadMan in only one room with a profile containing all Monitors and Eq, but we lose the ability to control monitoring in the second room.

      If it is a software issue, I think a revision so we can manage different room should be on top priority list, MTRX is a great box, and having it as a centerpiece for many rooms seems obvious to me, and we have many rooms in our facility I would like to install it in 😉 !



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