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    System Specs

    DADmanVersion 5.5.0 (5.5.0 build 2)

    My configuration is Dante between the MTRX and the Pulse16DX

    Pulse16DX is the DA to my speakers.

    Sync X feeds word clock to all the hardware.

    Avid MTRX

    Pro Tools Sync X

    Ferrofish Pulse 16DX

    Mac OSX 10.15.7

    2019 Mac Pro

    3.3ghz 12core

    128gb ram

    AMD Radeon Pro W5700X 16gb


    There is an issue that happens randomly pretty much everyday where the meters in DADman stop displaying visual feedback. Whenever this occurs and I click on the DADman software I will get a little circle with a cross through it next to my mouse icon. It sort of looks like the Ghostbusters logo minus the ghost. Any word on what is going on and how to fix this? I used to never experience this issue when I was on my 2018 Mac Mini with Mojave.



    One more note is the MTRX is setup with the SPQ card, 2 ch mic pre card, and 64ch Dante Module.

    Gordon SprouleGordon Sproule

      Following on this topic as ours are having the same issue.

    Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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