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    Matt LasMatt Las
      <span class="Y2IQFc" lang="en">Hello,
      Is it possible to control several independent MTRX Studio, via a single computer with DADMAN installed ?
      In our configurations, we have several independent studios, each of them has an AVID MTRX Studio.
      Obviously, we do not want to install the DADMAN on the computer of each auditorium, so as not to allow the user to modify the settings.
      As a result, it seems that we are forced to install a specific computer dedicated to the DADMAN for each auditorium, in order to be able to control them independently ...
      this is very restrictive as it involves we need as many dedicated machines for the DADMAN as we have studios.
      Is there a solution to fix this problem ? 
      Thanks a lot for your help !</span>
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