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    Jon ConnollyJon Connolly

      Hello! I’m a big fan of DAD products, I’m mostly dealing with Avid MTRX Studio, MTRX and MTRX II.  Here are a few feature requests I would really like to see!! I do a lot of system installations and support so I run into these things frequently. I’ve mocked up a few ideas to hopefully better explain what I’m talking about…

      – EQ section, 24 filters per speaker channel instead of the current 16. Most of the time 16 is enough but occasionally a few more would be ideal!

      – EQ buttons show EQ type, freq and gain. This would show the current EQ type, frequency and gain of a particular filter. When tuning speakers it’s often a bit tedious to remember what filters have been used, which have not and what frequencies they are at…and yes, I like a lot of gain at 1k!! ; )

      – Lock the EQ section and/or put it in its window. Password protect or similar. Once a room has been tuned, which can be expensive and time consuming, I would like to protect those EQ/delay settings from intentional and/or unintentional tweaking.

      – Polarity button on each speaker please. When tuning rooms it’s sometimes handy to flop the polarity to see how a sub is combining with a speaker.


      – Resizable Monitor Profile Configuration Window please!  When tweaking bass management settings, especially on systems with a lot of speakers. it would be great to be able to resize this window so all parameters can easily be seen.


      – Ref buttons. An additional Ref button or two would be handy.  I’m in rooms where more than one Reference level is desired… For example, 85db, 82db and 79db.   The current workaround is to duplicate speaker sets and trim them down which is fine but that can be a bit laborious to do on larger systems.

      – Ref buttons accessible via Eucon?  perhaps they are already? It would be great (and yes, dangerous too) to be able to access a couple of different ref buttons from an Avid S6 control surface.

      – Re-order monitors in the Monitor Profile Configuration Window. I see others have requested this too.   As additional monitors are created/added to the monitoring section, their placement is limited to the order in which they were created. I created a monitor for Slate that I never really need to see and would like to put in the far right end of the monitor list… Or hide it as others have suggested!  Simply dragging it to the bottom of the “Groups” list would be ideal.  In the same way that Sources and Outputs can be re-ordered.


      Jon Connolly

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      Jon ConnollyJon Connolly

        Unfortunately my mock up pics/screen grabs didn’t make it into my post here…


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