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    Chris KeylandChris Keyland

      DADman 5.5.0 software unexpectedly quits after restarting Mac Pro 7,1 running Catalina 10.15.7.  This is consistently repeatable on multiple identically-configured cpu’s here.  DADman also sometimes unexpectedly quits if the display is disconnected and reconnected.  Apple created a crash log that I copied into a txt file but I don’t know how to attach it if possible.

      NTP/DAD SupportNTP/DAD Support

        We have many end-users who use DADman 5.5.0 on Catalina without any issues, so we are puzzled why you experience these problems. It is difficult to troubleshoot this without further information, so please send us an e-mail at including a screnshot of Device List from DADman so we can check the hardware configuration as well.

        Dennis WallDennis Wall

          We have had the same long time issue on multiple computers running macOS Big Sur 11.6, 11.6.4, 11.6.5 and 11.6.6. Running Protools 2021.x-2022.4. w an HDX card (internal on a mac Pro 2019 and a Mac Pro 2010, in a thunderbolt chassis on a Mac Pro 2013).  Two Avid MTRX and one MTRX Studio.

          We have found that DADman must be launched after we hear the fans on the HDX card rev. I assume this is when the HDX driver loads. If you set DADman to autolaunch on login, it will always bomb. Wait 30 seconds and all is well.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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