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    Mark IrelandMark Ireland

      Hi Forum,

      Would there be a way to combine TB3 from the AX64 and link this into second interface running TB3 via DADman software and ProMon.



      James RichmondJames Richmond

        Do you mean 2x AX64’s?

        Or an AX64 and another interface that is TB3 but not a DAD branded product?

        If so, which one?

        Are you looking to get more than 256 channels of TB?
        You could use aggregate IO on a Mac but it is buggy and annoying.

        I’m using an AX64 and MTRX II linked via DADlink and they work great with essentially no extra latency from the slave unit.

        Mark IrelandMark Ireland

          Not two AX64s let’s say another product that can access TB3 and DADman proMon software.

          256 channels of thunderbolt or better if possible.

          Core Audio into ProTools, Steinberg Nuendo software.

          Would a AX64 and MTRX Studio linked via DADlink slave together but still have access to other DAW’s via TB3 offering a lower channel count.




          James RichmondJames Richmond

            One one interface at once can be the Pro Mon monitor controller.
            You can switch from one to the other easily but you don’t share Pro Mon between two devices.

            The way you do it is to designate one device as ‘master’, make that your Pro Mon monitor controller, then serve IO from the second device up over MADI/Dante/DADlink (or AES, I guess).

            I can’t think of a way to combine TB Channel count from multiple units without doing it via aggregate in Mac OS, which I wouldn’t bother with.

            But it is easy to serve the slave unit IO up to the primary interface using DADlink- this is what I am doing.
            The MTRX II is the master, the AX64 serves up its IO to the MTRX II over DADlink.



            Mark IrelandMark Ireland

              Has the MTRXII the option to do DADlink is this available through the Pro Mon monitor controller master or slave.

              TB3 via aggregate in Mac OS would AUX IO in ProTools not do the routing if the TB3 was daisy chained together master then slave.

              ”But it is easy to serve the slave unit IO up to the primary interface using DADlink- this is what I am doing”.

              How do you find this IO works for you are you intending to use TB3 on the MTRXII or keep both systems separate.

              James RichmondJames Richmond

                Yes the MTRX II supports DADlink, but maybe look into exactly what this is.
                It is currently only for compatible DAD/Avid devices (AX64, Core 256, AX Center, MTRX II) with the MADI daughterboard and compatible SFP’s.

                You can only have one Pro Mon device, in my case that is the MTRX II.

                I don’t use AUX IO- the routing the MTRX II/AX64 is vastly superior.

                I have TB3 on the MTRX II at the moment.
                I don’t need it in both devices (MTRX II and AX64)- there is no point.
                I use the AX64 to expand the MTRX II’s IO with zero latency between the devices.
                That is the advantage of DADlink over MADI or Dante.

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