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James RichmondJames Richmond

    Yes the MTRX II supports DADlink, but maybe look into exactly what this is.
    It is currently only for compatible DAD/Avid devices (AX64, Core 256, AX Center, MTRX II) with the MADI daughterboard and compatible SFP’s.

    You can only have one Pro Mon device, in my case that is the MTRX II.

    I don’t use AUX IO- the routing the MTRX II/AX64 is vastly superior.

    I have TB3 on the MTRX II at the moment.
    I don’t need it in both devices (MTRX II and AX64)- there is no point.
    I use the AX64 to expand the MTRX II’s IO with zero latency between the devices.
    That is the advantage of DADlink over MADI or Dante.