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Charles WeinbergCharles Weinberg

    Hi , yes, I am aware that signals being boosted above 0 dBFS are what is causing the clipping to occur on the output of the DAD. What I need to know is <span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>how</span> to turn the output of the DAD that feeds the DANTE card down to prevent this clipping from occurring whenever the LEVEL knob on the MOM is above the o dB reference point. The signal flow is this – digital audio comes from Pro Tools into the DAD unit via Dante. This digital audio is not clipped on the input side. The audio levels are boosted or cut by the MOM controller LEVEL knob and then go out digitally via the DAD’s Dante card to the Crown power amps. When the MOM is turned up past the 0 dB reference point on the big level knob, it causes the DANTE output that is going to the power amps to be clipped. I can both hear this happening and see it happening in the DAD software, Dante Controller’s DAD transmit window, and in the input to the DANTE power amps (the clip lights on the unit come on). So my questions is, how do I turn down the digital output of the DAD feeding the Dante card to prevent it from clipping? Thanks!