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    Hi Charles, The MOM controller in connection with the DAD (MTRX/MTRXST) audio interface works together with the Pro|Mon functionality in DADman which communicates with the audio interface.  All the interfaces have a 32 bit floating point internal architecture. This means that once you signal in inside the unit it can not come into clipping, and also the dynamics of your audio is preserved very accurately. When playing back from ProTool via Digilink this is a 24bit integer interface and the maximum signal will be 0dB full scale. This is the scale that we have on all meters in the DADman software. If you experience clipping by turning up the MOM level it is because your level is high for the digital output interface transferring the audio. On digital output interfaces the max level is also odB full scale. If you run analog out of your unit, our D/A converters are also floating point. You have to make sure that the analog output level setting is matching you speaker input level or else you can get clipping in the analog domain even at low levels..

    Please check the meters in DADman in the signal chain that you have, and make sure that you levels are optimally aligned with your output format