DADman Loop-Back Trick: Fold Down 7.1.4 for Stereo Metering

We received a request from Brandon Howlett for a solution to fold down a Dolby Atmos mix in 7.1.4 to stereo metering in the DADman control software.

“I would like to have the 7.1.4 meter output fold down to a stereo meter output. Is that possible? I use the fold down for loudness metering and need to have the 7.1.4 output and its folded down stereo output for metering at the same time.”

Well, the meter output is designed to replicate what you are listening to so an external meter can visualize what you are hearing. A fold-down on the meter output would ‘break’ this concept.

However, there is a work-around: Define a 7.1.4 meter output and send it to for example the coax MADI output (or any other available output) and loop it back into the coax MADI input.

1. Create a second monitor group in your monitor profile.

2. In this monitor group, you define a 7.1.4 source assigned to the coax MADI input.

3. In the same monitor group, define a stereo output which you connect to your meter.

4. Add a 7.1.4 to stereo fold-down to this group.

5. Now, enable/select the fold-down in this monitor group. In order to ensure correct meter reading, we strongly recommend that you engage the REF mode so the output level is fixed

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