Channel Count Overview at Different Samplerates

Please refer to this chart for a quick overview of the channel count for DAD AX32, Penta 720 and Penta 721s depending on what sample rate you are running at.

44.1/48 kHz88.2/96 kHz176.4/192 kHz352.8/384 kHz
Dante (base unit)6432
Dante Exp Card*1286432N/A
SPQ (no I/O)128643216
* Also applies to Penta 721s-DNT
** Also applies to Penta 721s-SDI
NOTE! The first 4 rows also apply to DAD DX32R


If you use Avid’s MTRX, the chart is also relevant. However, since you have DigiLink ports, here is the additional info:

MTRX44.1/48 kHz88.2/96 kHz176.4/192 kHz352.8/384 kHz
DigiLink (base unit, per port)323232*N/A
DigiLink Card (per port)323232**N/A
* Avid specifies a shorter max. cable length at 192 kHz than at 48 and 96 kHz.
** Card channel limit is 32. At 176.4/192 kHz, only one port can be used.

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