If you are an existing user and have a specific issue at hand, please contact us directly via this email:


When you send us a support request, please make sure to always include the following information:

  • Serial number of your unit
  • Firmware version installed
  • DADman software version
  • Screendump of the DADman Device List
  • Computer operating system (including version number)

If you have a monitor profile issue, please include:

  • The PRO|MON monitor profile (.dmprof file)

If you have a AoIP Dante-related issue, please include screendumps of the following tabs:

  • Device Info
  • Clock Status
  • Network Status from Dante Controller

NOTE! If you have an issue or question concerning the Avid MTRX products, including the use of the DADman software in combination with the MTRX or MTRX Studio, please contact Avid for support.